The logo of this wiki is FUCKING AMAZING. I have no clue where to start on how pro it is. Lemme see...


In case you didn't know, the name of the wiki isn't the IW FTW Wiki, it's the Ice Water Fearlessly Trained Walruses Wiki. I'm serious. That's what it stands for. I can't stress it enough

You know that feeling when someone confuses you for something else because you were too vague? That's exactly what my name is like. I'll be honest, I did mean it to mean "Infinity Ward For The Win", but my state of mind at the moment was "Wikia. Need name. I like MW2. MW2 is made by Infinity Ward. I hate Black Ops. Black Ops was made by Treyarch. TREYARCH SUX INFINITY WARD RULZ LAWL." And thus I gave myself my name. I kind of regret it, thinking about it, but oh well. At least it's fun confusing users when I say that my name isn't Infinity Ward FTW or that I ragequit MW3 and went to play Black Ops until I get new gamez (trufax).

How It Was MadeEdit


I used Paint and made this in FIVE MINUTES. I'm so amazing. Tod even says that it is the worst thing he has ever seen! He's just jelly, I swear.

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