Originally from DarkMetroid's Home of Treyarch Hate Wiki, but they decided to be Infinity Ward fanboys and change it (making 3arc make CoD4 and MW3 lul). It's a shame, really. It's called sarcasm. Look it up in the dictionary.

Lol Treyarch is teh best Call of Duty developer of all time. I have no clue how you can say otherwise.

I mean, they made the bestest FPS ever. It's so much fun. I mean, there is this RC car with 2 blocks of C4 on it that blows up in your enemy's face. It's so much fun. And it's balanced! </sarcasm>And they even nerfed quickscoping! (They deserve a medal for that, I swear.)

Other CoDs by Treyarch are pro too. For example, look at this awesome game. It owns.<sarcasm> You get blown up by grenades a lot. And the MP is so awesome, I won't even explain it. It exceeds words.

Infinity Ward sucks. They made this trash and this pile of shit. They suck. I mean, there is all this overpowered 3-round burst shit that brings the games down. And don't get me started with the other things...

So 3arc FTW IW FTL, it's settled.

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